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Business Continuity Planning

We pride ourselves in working with Clients to understand their business and to develop a solution specific for them. 

Our experience of Clients with a comprehensive business continuity plan in place during the global pandemic proved that they were better prepared to cope with the demanding challenges of keeping their business operational – even if at a minimal level thus protecting their brand and reputation.  It has been further proven that BCPs contribute in avoiding  negative effects of a crisis and/or disaster and help to reduce financial losses and maintain relationships with suppliers, other businesses, and stakeholders. 

“Business continuity is an essential part of any organisation’s response planning. It sets out how the business will operate following an incident and how it expects to return to ‘business as usual’ in the quickest possible time”.

Source: Centre of Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

Preparation for IS0 22301

Jane has extensive experience of working with Clients to achieve ISO 22301. Her knowledge and understanding of the Standard’s requirements’ have proven to be successful during the certification and audit process by authorising bodies, in our case the British Standards Institute. Jane has a fantastic understanding of the standard, applying every aspect of it to the client’s business and fully documenting this to fully satisfy external auditors for a very positive outcome for our clients.

Education & Awareness Training

We deliver training to Clients promoting the importance and benefits of application of their Business Continuity Plans & Business Impact Analysis. These sessions coupled with exercises are an ideal forum to validate not only their documentation, but also the knowledge of the staff across the business. During and after completion of BC plans education on escalation of an incident, activation of the incident response team, command and control protocols, activation of the plans and log keeping are essential for the successful outcome in responding to a business interruption or incident.

Design & Delivery of Exercises

We have extensive experience in planning and delivering live, simulation and tabletop exercises, following British Standards Institute PD 2566:2010 guidance. Clients quickly see the real benefits of these events, an ideal forum to assemble key personnel who are likely to be involved in emergency or business interruption scenarios. Early Identification of aim and objectives allows us to develop realistic and challenging scenarios to test the competence and knowledge of players. Feedback shows tabletop exercises are favoured by our clients as these are cost effective, time controlled and assembling everyone in a room is a good opportunity to share experiences and understand roles and responsibilities. The debrief and evaluation process is essential so our comprehensive reports detail learning, outcomes measured against objectives referencing policies and procedures applied and fully documented in line with ISO22301 as evidence of commitment to the Standard.

“Planning for emergencies cannot be considered reliable until it is exercised and has proved to be workable, especially since false confidence may be placed in the integrity of a written plan”
Source: UK Government (CGERT)

Business Continuity Management

Prior to establishing a delivery plan for any business, we seek sponsorship at a senior level within the organisation to confirm that the buy-in to the process is led from the top and embedded across the business. This will be supported by a detailed delivery plan including a Policy Statement on which BC will be established for the client. Following implementation, we offer the facility to manage the Business Continuity Management System working closely with the client.

Emergency & Incident Response Planning

The emergency response and incident response plans are essential guidance documents developed to assist multiple responders immediately responding to an incident through to the stand down and debrief.  These plans are written as prompts to assist Security, HR, Media, Facilities and other teams. Clients comment on the consistent approach this promotes ensuing that all aspects of plans are followed.