“Tate engaged the services of CorpRisk Consulting in 2018 on our journey to attaining accreditation ISO 22301. The organization was starting from scratch and we needed professional assistance in both reaching our goals and maintaining high standards in documentation, training and audits as well as annual training exercises that would bring together all aspects of the business and highlight how dependent we all are on each other. 2019/20 saw us reach the pinnacle of our efforts by obtaining one of the highest scores for an audit in the country under the watchful eye of Jane and Kevan.

Barry Palmer, Head of Safety & Security, Tate Galleries

“As our security consultant Kevan provided strategic support and advice, this was valuable operating within a busy and challenging environment. Kevan designed a multi-agency exercise to meet the aims and objectives of ourselves and partners. He was impressive in facilitating the event, managing to engage with all groups in the room encouraging active participation and discussions. With my ongoing relationship with CorpRisk Consulting I have seen their success in Business Continuity led by Jane who draws on her experience in Government, Police and Private Sector”
Stephen Smith MSyI Managing Director Satori Risk

“We engaged the services of CorpRisk Consulting, two highly experienced Business Continuity professionals, who assisted us in the development of excellent Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity plans in support of our International operation. Engaging across the business we are now in a much stronger position to respond to any business interruption.”
Senior Director, International Media Organisation

“Following some serious security incidents in London, some of which were very close to the church we engaged the services of Kevan to advise us on our security arrangements. As well as worship and social activities our buildings are used by many addiction groups and for homeless people, some of whom have severe mental health issues. Kevan works alongside me and our Office Manager reviewing and advising us on an array of risks that we potentially face. We are now in a much more comfortable position with a security policy which gives reassurance to our staff, church members and Church Council. His helpful attitude and understanding of our needs have been invaluable. We are grateful to Kevan for his continuous support which he provides on a pro-bono basis.”
Richard Shepley, Chair of the Property Committee, Hinde Street Methodist Church, Marylebone, London

“The Science Museum Group has worked with CorpRisk Consulting over the last few years, primarily focussing on Business Continuity Planning. Working collaboratively with Kevan & Jane they supported us through creating and developing a comprehensive plan. This culminated in their facilitation of curated and authentic desktop exercises involving multiple stakeholders and Museum Directors. Their real-life experience is invaluable in bringing this type of session alive. The team spent time understanding our vision, and our ways of working before embarking on any session(s). This harmonious approach sees them as an extension of our in-house team rather than an external trainer. A pleasure to work with.”

Andrew Bailey, Head of Operations, Science Museum Group

“Wilson James trusted the implementation and accreditation to ISO22301, the International Standard for Business Continuity (BC) to CorpRisk Consulting. With their experience and active engagement across the business we achieved BSI Certification to the Standard with a clean bill of health within 12 months. BC is now embedded in the company, with our plans providing both support and operational assurance to colleagues and clients alike.”
Darren Ward, Business Performance Director, Wilson James Limited

“Following a physical security breach and a failed attempt to engage with our client we engaged with CorpRisk Consulting to review and design a bespoke holistic security solution for a prominent high rise and iconic building in London. Kevan & Jane’s ability, years of subject matter expertise, calmness and communication skills allowed us, as well as the client to implement a market leading “holistic” Emergency Response and Business Continuity plans, that altered historic beliefs and ways of working which were no longer fit for the modern environment.”
Gasper Hladnik, Founder, Dominus Technology